Plus Software has made it easy for Customers and Partners to stay up to date with new Functionality, without us drowning your email in-box. We do this using Trello, a visual board showing you exactly what’s been released…

It’s easy to stay up to date with the latest functionality within one of the Plus.Live applications (Snapshot, Forecast or Sales) – just do this look to the top right, and click on New Features (when in one of the Applications)

That will open up a public facing visual whiteboard for you, with a few distinct columns. In the example below, there are two “Latest Enhancements” columns because there are two Modules within this application. In the other Applications, it will just show one column.

To quickly see the enhancements, click on the “Card” heading, and more information will appear, within each card.

If you’d like to see this right now, click on this link

Each of the Plus.Live applications have the same functionality – try it out!

Easy as!

Need more information? Pop us an email on Support@Plus.Live.