Machine Learning (ML) can help a growing business in many ways. One easy way to use Machine Learning (ML) is on overdue Debtors / Accounts Receivable (AR) and Forecast.Live does this pretty well….

The team at Plus Software is heavily investing in AI and Machine Learning.

Here’s an example of intelligent Machine Learning (ML) within Forecast.Live (the Application which helps Customers automate Overdue Reminders AND Cashflow Forecast). It’s pretty unique – we know of no other solution worldwide that does both!

This Machine Learning Algorithm looks at the history of your Debtors (A/R) and within the Cashflow Forecasting module then provides the User two options:

  1. Leave the Incoming Payment (cashflow) as is, using the Due Date (from the Accounting);
  2. Or, “best guess” a date that the Invoice is MOST LIKELY to be paid.

This screenshot below shows the Cashflow Forecasting schedule:

Forecast.Live Machine Learning on debtors transactions

When right clicking on Debtors Transactions, you can now adjust future income:

Adjust future income using Machine Learning Algorithm

How does the ML best guess? 

It reviews the historical payment pattern on each Debtor /AR and then re-adjusts the payment date accordingly, “best guessing” cash income. 

You can reverse that too, allowing you to view both options to determine cash flow impact.

Real life Machine Learning!

Useful, and not intimidating…

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