Welcome to the TimeTrust Getting Started Training. The purpose of this Getting Started Training is to provide you with an excellent idea of the capabilities of TimeTrust.

The training covers the following:

Section Topic
A Installation
B Basic Set Up
C Staff and Leave
D System Functionality
E Time Capture

Section A: Installation

1. Download 3 items from here https://www.plussoftsolutions.com/software-downloads/

  • TimeTrust Software.
  • TimeTrust Installation Manual.
  • TimeTrust Getting Started Guide.

2. Order the Pre-Installation Checklist by sending an email to Support@PlusSoftSolutions.com.
BONUS: We will also send you a Username and Password for the TimeTrust Partner Webservices Portal.

3. Now install and sign up to the 30-day unconditional trial (choose “I don’t know” if not registered as a Partner).

Section B: Basic Set Up

Once you’ve completed the installation, you’re ready start the basic set up:

1. Set up the Admin User and one or two other users. HINT: SEE SETTING UP USERS IN THE TIMETRUST QUICK START GUIDE.

2. Now review Settings, under Admin Menu:

  • Connect a Vision and Visipay Database and input Common Database Settings.
  • Confirm your Default Lunch Break.

3. Set up a few Jobs/Service Requests, Allowances, Roles and Pay Types.

You can also log in and view the Partner TimeTrust Web services site to view this set up. If you’ve not ordered your Username and Password yet, contact the team on Support@PlusSoftSolutions.com

Section C: Staff and Leave Set up

1. Setup a few Staff.

2. Set up your Leave.

Your TimeTrust Getting Started Manual has more detail. Of course, you can ask questions – pop us a support ticket to Support@PlusSoftSolutions.com. We can always call or TeamViewer you too!

Section D: System Functionality

Yes, we know we’re going back to Settings, but this is where most Partner questions come in, so we’d really like you to review this carefully. Head back to Admin Menu/Settings:

1. Now head across to the System menu:

Under this option there are three groups of settings:

  • General System Settings.
  • Timesheet Settings.
  • Jobs and Other Settings.

2. Review each setting carefully, ensure a complete understanding of the different options for different customers. This System Functionality is being added to on a regular basis and they’re all covered in more detail within the TimeTrust Getting Started Manual.

Section E: Time Capture

1. Practise staff time Capture across each of the Time Capture options:


TimeTrust is being used right now within in a number of businesses across Australia and New Zealand, ranging in size from 20 employees to 1200. You can solve just about any Time Capture problem with any Sybiz Customer with TimeTrust!

You’re now ready to Silver Certify! See here for more detail: www.plussoftsolutions.com/timetrust-silver-certification
If you have any questions, pop us an email at Support@PlusSoftSolutions.com

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