Software to fill the gaps. (In your software.)

Plus Software Solutions was born out of the need to solve the problem that nearly every Accounting or ERP solutions has.

That is, most Accounting software manages the core accounting needs quiet well, but seldom does it provide individuals much needed operational functionality, outside of these financials.

We get that.

So we built (and we’re still building) solutions, directly integrated into the Accounting, to help fill these operational functionality gaps.

One example of a “gap filler” is Dashboards. Most Accounting solutions provide Reports and Reporting Tools that pull information from historically entered data. The truth is however, that most team members would prefer to see their business information real-time. To fill that gap, we created Snapshot.

Or, take the problem of Employee time capture. Sure, you can capture time using a variety of solutions, but can you capture time, then post to Accounting, Jobs, Payroll, or both? From anywhere? With permissions and approvals? Timeplus fills that gap.

Take a look at the range of add on solutions across Business Analytics, Cashflow Forecasting, Dashboards and Reporting, Job Costing, Data Management and Mobility

Customers and Partners get immediate value:

  1. Plus Solutions are easy to install and support, and often deliver a Return on Investment within weeks  or months. Sometimes days.
  2. Customers and Partners can use our solutions for up to 30 days, unconditional money back.
  3. No upfront software costs, with monthly, quarterly or annual subscription options.
  4. Cancel any solution, any time. No risk, no penalties.


We help Partners solve their Customer’s problems quickly and easily.

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