Plus Software Solutions Pricing

Plus Software Solutions Pricing

To see pricing, choose your country, the Accounting or Payroll solution you are using and the Plus Software application
you are interested in. Your monthly subscription will appear. There is no up front software cost and no lock in contracts.

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  • Plus Software adheres to international B2B “Digital Goods and Services” rulings, based on the Business (the Entity purchasing Plus Software Solutions) country of residence.
  • Our invoices will reflect, in most cases, exclusive local tax pricing. Irrespective (of inclusive or exclusive taxes), the purchasing Entity remains responsible for local tax management and liaison with the relevant tax authorities.

Our 30-day Unconditional Money Back Guarantee allows you to try any of the Plus Software Desktop Solutions, on your own data, with no risk whatsoever.

Terms and Conditions:

1. Date of 30-day refund starts from date of initial payment.
2. No refund on any Consulting (set up, installation etc) fees.

Easy Refund:
Email  – our Finance team will refund within 7 working days.


Cancel at any time after the 30 days offer anyway. No penalties and no lock in contracts. Ever.


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