August 22, 2018

New Cash Manager Silver and Gold Training

UPGRADE Yourself with FREE Training for Cash Manager. Did you know that if you’re using automated emails within Cash Manager you can send a personalised message with the information about outstanding invoices? 


September 28, 2017

Cash Manager update

There’s a new Cash Manager update available, you lucky people. If you’re not a Cash Manager customer yet, but you want to improve your Debtors collection, Budgeting and Cash Flow analysis, take a look at more information on the Cash Manager page.


February 14, 2017

Cash Manager Version 2 available

Cash Manager, the market leading Debtors management, Budgetting and Cash Flow forecasting solution for mid tier accounting solutions like Sybiz and Sage Evolution has been upgraded to version 2


February 6, 2016

Plus Software South African Partner Launch

With South Africa’s GDP growing at around 3% per annum and a large installed base of Sage Evolution customers,  growth opportunities looked pretty good to us, in this Rainbow nation. The South African Partner Launch was on!


November 15, 2015

New Cash Manager features

If your’e using Cash Manager from Plus Software, you’ll want to take advantage of the new Cash Manager features and functionality that’s included in this release. For example, you can now send overdue invoice emails to customers based on how many days old they are rather than selecting a range of ‘Age Periods’…


September 6, 2015

New Plus Software Website

Our all new Plus Software website is live and up and running. All of the Plus Software solutions are now in one place!