You lucky, lucky people. There’s a new TimeTrust version out NOW. With so many enhancement requests being added to the software, the popular Employee Time Capture tool continues to evolve and attract new Customers…

Although there have been a number of enhancements in this new version, we’ll focus on the key changes only, within this article. These include:

Lunch Breaks by Role

Users can now automatically add Lunch breaks, by role. Note that this is only for the Jobs Scan capture method at this time.

Admin Rights for Managers

Additional admin rights have been added, including the ability for any Manager to be allocated permission rights to scan in a User they are responsible for.

Earnings Code Filters by Role

You can now filter the Earnings code drop down, based on the staff role.

Other smaller enhancements include the enforcement of scanning of Jobs before allowing the user to scan onto another Job.

In case you missed the previous upgrade, here’s a reminder:

GPS Functions for Reports

TimeTrust now records the GPS location and allows Managers to view locations where employees completed tasks and duties relating to their role.

New Reports

New reports have also been added. The range of reports has been growing steadily over the last 12 months. See the Report menu within TimeTrust for more information.

Fingerprint Scanning

TimeTrust allows a User to now use a fingerprint scanner. These are easily installed and more and more Customers are using Fingerprint scanning devices to speed up time capture. Ask us about our device recommendations.

It’s easy to upgrade – ask your Partner to download or contact Plus Software on