Welcome to 2020, with a BANG! Plus Software has now extended their services to Partners with new Partner programs, including the addition of an Affiliate program. And there’s more…

A Diamond and Platinum choice is now also on offer, under the Premier Partner program.

That’s three new additions – an Affiliate Program and a Premier Program with Diamond and Platinum status.

What’s the difference between an Affiliate Partner and a Premier Partner?

Partners that choose the Affiliate program would generally refer their Customers to Plus for demonstrations and assistance, whereas with the Premier Partner program Customers are serviced and supported by the Premier Partner themselves.

Here’s a quick table to explain more:

Affiliate Partner Premier Partner
Type An individual or Business, in a similar industry
to Plus Software.
A Business providing Services, Technical Support and Consulting across Accounting, Payroll and Business Systems.
Why JoinYou / your business regularly comes across Businesses that could use Plus Solutions and you want to build referral business.You / your Business promotes, installs and supports Plus Software Products as part of your Product suite.
ExampleBookkeepers, Accountants, I.T. and Networking Businesses, SAAS Businesses, Business Coaches, Payroll Consultants, etc.Accounting and I.T. Businesses with Technical Support and Consulting Services.

And for the Premier Program we’ve added a Diamond and Platinum status.

Additional Rewards Diamond Platinum
20 – 100 Customer Sites 101+ Customer Sites
Preferred Partner listing on Plus Website YY
Partner Forum invitation YY
Development Forum invitations Y
Quarterly Consultants Reward Draw Y

There are so many reasons to join Plus Software as a Partner with low barriers to entry, low upskilling time, no Partner fees and jargon free Partner agreements.

For more information contact info@PlusSoftSolutions.com or Peter Whalley direct on Peter.Whalley@PlusSoftSolutions.com