Hot off the heels of the release of Snapshot.Live comes the second Cloud Application for sales teams in the fieldSales.Live, directly integrated into the Accounting System.

What is Sales.Live?

Sales.Live is a sales mobile tool for sales teams in the field. 

It provides real-time Sales, Customer, and Inventory data to the sales team so they can make well-informed decisions on the go!

Integrating Sales.Live with your Business System is effortless with the Plus.Live Data connector that allows deep integration with a number of leading Business systems.

  • Reduce errors and double handling 
  • Low-cost rapid deployment 
  • No lock-in contracts

What can Sales.Live do for you?

  • Sales Quotes
    Send sales quotes on the go which are synced with the business system as well.
  • Sales Order Tracking
    Place orders on the go and track them in real-time with ease.
  • Sales Invoicing
    Invoice your customers immediately and easily.
  • Customer Information
    Access real-time detailed customer information from anywhere, on any device
  • Order History
    Access real-time order and sales history.
  • Inventory Intelligence
    Stay updated with real-time information on stock holding, different pricing, etc.

Why Sales.Live?

It’s really a no brainer! 

Give Sales and External teams access to the information they need, across Customers and Inventory, real time. Allow them to Quote, Propose and Invoice easily. Let them do their jobs.

Deep integration, low cost deployment, no lock in contract, quick return on investment!

Sales.Live is the ideal tool for small and medium businesses looking to optimise their Sales and improve Customer Service.

For more information or a free demo on this, or any of our solutions, contact us at Support@Plus.Live .