We interviewed a number of Customers using SnapshotBI (On Premise) and Snapshot.Live (Cloud and On Premise) and these reasons below are the top 10 reasons they chose and LOVED Snapshot.

The Verdict is IN!

Yes, we’re biased, but we think Snapshot is the EASIEST B.I. and Dashboarding tool on the market, for medium sized businesses. Here’s what our Customers said they loved about it.

1. Easy set up of 30-Day Trial          

See your own information in useful, visual Dashboards, connected to your own Accounting or Payroll Data.
Low set up cost and a generous 30-Day Trial offering means you have enough time to view, customise and evaluate Dashboards, taking the pressure away from making quick, costly decisions.

2. Instant Return on Investment

Once your Business System is connected, view a range of Instant Dashboards. These Community Dashboards (Master Dashboards) are “instant” because our Business Intelligence algorithms do all the work by automatically trawling through your Data and setting Dashboards up with no further manipulation or effort.

3. Easy Filtering and Customisation of information

It’s quick and easy to get to the real-time Data.
And pretty simple to filter too. Take any “Master” Dashboard, copy it, and start customising, helping you lower the cost of getting useful information from your Data.

4. Easy to create NEW Dashboards

Once your Data Connector is set up, creating Dashboards (using our Snapshot Dashboard Designer) is no trouble at all. Create Dashboard from within your Business Accounting Software or from other SQL sources.

5. Schedule Dashboards to come to YOU

Don’t wait for your reports to come from someone else.
Automatically schedule a Community or Customised Dashboard to come to YOU when it suits, viewable on any Device. (Scheduling is only available on Snapshot.Live).

6. Real or Near Real Time Data

As transactions happen within the Accounting Software, Snapshot updates your Dashboards, making life easier for everyone. Which Sales Rep doesn’t want “up to the minute” inventory information?

7. Security and Permissions are built in

Each Dashboard can be made visible or invisible, to any individual, or groups of individuals. Plus.Live (the background platform for Snapshot) is built on a modern framework and Data sent via the Data Connector is encrypted. Only a small amount of Data is held at any time.

8. Connect to just about any OTHER Database

Finally, get all your Data on ONE dashboard – not just Business Accounting Data, but CRM, or E-commerce. Just about anything can be “Dashboarded”!

9. Use on Any Device, Tablet, iPad, Laptop or Mobile Phone.

Don’t get locked into a specific hardware environment. Have the freedom to use ANY DEVICE to get to your own Data. All you need is an Internet connection.

10. Cancel anytime     

Even after the generous 30-Day Trial offering, there are no lock in contracts. Cancel anytime means less financial pressure. No lengthy cancellation forms – just send a quick email.

There are so many reasons to love Snapshot.

You can see for yourself – trial for 30-Days right now: https://app.plus.live/Register/User

Or for more information, send us an email Support@Plus.Live