It’s that time of the year again for our “Western World” customers. The time to slow down for a few days and enjoy the festive season. Read on to view hours of support over the festive period.

When we look back, we started Plus Software with a simple purpose: to help mid-sized businesses fill the gaps in their Accounting and Payroll. We wanted to help you automate more so you can do more in other areas of your business!

And we’ve done that.

To date we have 6 solutions across 5 countries, ranging from Cash Management to Time sheeting, to Dashboarding, Data Automation, Inventory Replenishment and even a sprinkling of Warehouse Mobility! We’ve also just released a Zoho Integrator, which keeps your Zoho CRM data in synch with your Accounting data. Nifty!

It’s not all been perfect sailing but our growth has been strong, consistent, controlled and our existing customer turnover (churn) has been low. We need to do better in a number of areas, and we will.

It’s been a huge year, so THANK YOU again, for being there along the journey. We’re looking forward to 2019! 

The Plus Software Team.

PS: We’re closed between Thursday 27th and 28th December (as well as the normal public holidays)  – see you on the 2nd Jan 2019.