If your’e using Cash Manager from Plus Software, you’ll want to take advantage of the new Cash Manager features and functionality that’s included in this release. For example, you can now send overdue invoice emails to customers based on how many days old they are rather than selecting a range of ‘Age Periods’…

Cash Manager from Plus Software does three things very well.

  1. It helps collect outstanding Debtors QUICKER.
  2. It gives users and intelligent Budget tool
  3. It offers instant Cash Flow forecasting.

After a quick installation from our Download page, Cash Manager trawls through your Debtors within the Accounting System and provides valuable information in a variety of formats within Cash Manager. From here you can send pre-templated emails to the different age groups, all at the touch of a button

With regards to Budgets, Cash Manager retrieves the budgets from within the Accounting software and displays them instantly within Cash Manager. From here, the financial manager or any team member with the right authorisation can create “what if” budgets. Cash Manager allows you to display the existing budget, increase income or decrease expenses (by GL group or individual GL item) and then save that “what if” budget

From there, the user can create instant Cash Flow forecasts using the Master Budget or the “what if” Budgets.

Over and above the Debtors additional functionality, the New Cash Manager features include additional budget tools.

For more information or a demonstration on Cash Manager, contact support@PlusSoftSolutions.com