The Plus Software monthly Live Customer Webinars offers new and existing Customers a chance to view a range of Plus Software Solutions in brief, LIVE Webinars. The Webinars are short and punchy and customers consider them very useful in keeping abreast of software tools that will help increase productivity…

The Live Customer Webinars are all listed here (No longer available).

In February we focus on three solutions:

  1. Cash Manager, software that helps automate the collection of your outstanding Debtors and provides very useful Budget and Cash Flow functionality. (For Sage Evolution, Sybiz Vision and Ostendo Customers only.)
  2. We provide an overview of Timeplus, an electronic time capture solution for organisations that need to record their employees time for Payroll purposes, Job time tracking, or both. (For Sybiz Customers only.)
  3. And we delve into the magic of Instant Dashboards with Snapshot, intelligent and easy to install and use Business Intelligence software. (For a full list of Vendors Snapshot supports, see here.)

The Webinars planned for March 2018 include Data Automator (software that automates manual importing and exporting of information out of the Accounting system) and Inventory Replenishment (a new tool to automate restocking of inventory), and more. Bookmark this page to stay in touch with these and future Webinars.

If you have any questions, email us at or if you can’t wait for one of our Webinars, book a free demonstration here.

For more information or a free demo on this or any of our solutions, contact us.