We’re pleased to introduce another new Application under the Plus.Live platform of Cloud Business tools. Forecast.Live will take away the hassle of manually alerting overdue Customers of what to pay, and when…

With Forecast.Live, it’s much easier to stay on top of your Business Cash Flow with the tracking and automation of reminders for overdue invoices

Call them “Debtors, or “Accounts Receivables” – whatever your term, we want your Business to get paid quicker.

Increase Cash Flow with Forecast.Live

With direct integration into your Accounting Software, and with several pre-set (and customisable) reminder templates ready to use immediately, use Forecast.Live to:

  • View a “Control Centre” picture of all your Debtors.

    See the value of total Debtors, the value of all outstanding accounts, Current Actions and more, in one quick and easy-to-understand Control Centre view.
  • Manage Customers and customise reminders.

    View and group your overdue Customers in ways that suit you. Access Customer data in near real-time synced to your Business System and use the “Send All” reminders option or you can pick individual Customers or Customers filtered by age with the “Send Select” Reminders” option.
  • Add Actions to Customers.

    Add notes, tasks, or calendar appointments to any Customer using the Action List. It gives you easy, visual control over your Reminders.

We’re working on adding more features to Forecast.Live such as medium and long term Cash Flow management. Stay tuned.

With the 14-Day “No Obligation” Trial, why not connect Forecast Live to your own data and see how to improve your Cash Flow position, quickly and easily.

For the Trial (proof of concept), click here.

For more information or a free demo on this or any of our solutions, contact us at Support@PlusSoftSolutions.com