Data Automator magically imports and exports any data into and out of your Accounting.

For example, if you have orders being placed by customers on your website and you then need to re-enter these into your financial system, Data Automator will do that for you, “automagically.”

With Data Automator, double entry is a thing of the past. Import any recurring transactional data into your accounting seamlessly with Data Autmator. Or export data to other systems. You can schedule imports and exports at different times.

Stop Double Enter Fatigue in your Acounting Software

Here’s a variety of ways you can use Data Automator:

  1. If an  end user enters an order onto your website and you would normally re-capture that into the accounting software – sort that out with Data Automator;
  2. If you have to re-capture Time sheet information from a Support Ticketing System – why not automate that with DA?;
  3. If you have nightly backup of orders and invoices between databases, solve this too with Data Automator;
  4. What about automatic updating of source information between your CRM software and Accounting Contacts? Solved, with DA;
  5. If you’re transferring financial data from one database to another on a regular basis, save time with Data Automator here too;
  6. Needing to export system lists such as Product and Customer to a backup location? Absolutely – download, install and reap the time benefits here too.

Have a look at our Data Automator page for more information or contact us for a free demonstration

Data Automator only works with Sybiz Vision 14 and above.