Cash Manager, the market leading Debtors management, Budgetting and Cash Flow forecasting solution for mid tier accounting solutions like Sybiz and Sage Evolution has been upgraded to version 2

 Now, if you’re not across Cash Manager, have a look here:

And if you’re an existing customer, we’re pretty sure you’ll enjoy the added functionality.
 Here’s what’s new: 
  • You can now exclude reminder emails for those customers with a negative or zero account balance;
  • We’ve also added an option to permanently exclude sending reminders to certain debtors;
  • In the Budget section, you can now right click on a budget for a range of new options such as the ability to copy a Budget and update Actuals for completed months;
  • And the same option now exists for any Cash Flow forecast too;
  • Our customers requested the ability to add Open Sales Orders and Open Purchase Orders into the 30 Day Forecast;
  • And we’ve added User Permissions too. For example, if you want to lock down access to the Debtors only, and limit the information relating to Budgets and Cash Flow.

To download the latest version to upgrade or to trial, go here

If you’re not using Cash Manager and you’re interested in automating the collection of Debtors or using the Budgets within your financial system to quickly and easily create “What If” budgets and “What If” Cash Flow Forecasts, pop us an e-mail and we’ll tee up a demonstration.

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