There’s a new Cash Manager update available, you lucky people.
If you’re not a Cash Manager customer yet, but you want to improve your Debtors collection, Budgeting and Cash Flow analysis, take a look at more information on the Cash Manager page.

For all other existing customers, there have been over 10 enhancements to this version of Cash Manager. The Debtors section of Cash Manager is most widely used by our customers, followed by the “What If” Budgeting section and then the Cash Flow analysis, as a matter of interest.

Existing customers can download and overwrite their existing version from the download page – no fuss or bother. Or ask your Partner to download and update for you.

Cash Manager Update key enhancements

  1. Customers can select/de-select all button in the email reminder grid;
  2. You can now filter out the $0 or negative items in the Top 20 Grid on the home Debtors page;
  3. In the email reminders section, we’ve added an option to send reminders to customers who have invoices due in the next X days;
  4. In the 30 Day Cashflow Forecast, when including Open Sales Orders or Purchase Orders in the forecast, the date on the Cash Flow forecast has been amended to be the Delivery Date on the Purchase Order plus the customer’s terms.

There have been a few other changes, like adding totals to some of the grids.

If you’re not using Cash Manager, but it looks interesting, then you can either book a demonstration. or head direct to trial Cash Manager.

If you need help on the upgrade, email – our Plus Software Support team is on hand!

Cash Manager current works with Sage Evolution (now Sage 100/200)Sybiz Vision and Ostendo

Other vendor integrations are being planned. Stay tuned!