Customers and Partners often ask us: “What’s the difference between Snapshot Business Intelligence and MS PowerBI?” Glad you asked. We’ve got four key differences…

1. Free Community Dashboards

Connect the Business System (accounting or payroll database) and a range of Instant Dashboards will appear.

From here, Customers (or Partners) can customise existing Dashboards (these are then visible under the Custom Dashboards menu) to suit their exact business. There’s no need to start with a “blank piece of paper!”

2. Business Software (Accounting) Upgrades are easier

When an accounting Vendor upgrades their software, this often forces a reinvestment in changing existing Reporting/ Dashboarding.

Not so with Snapshot – it has the smarts to adapt (using a unique version control of views and stored procedures) to work with the new version of the Business Software. Dashboards do not have to be rewritten.

3. Easier Web Dashboards

Web Dashboards in Snapshot are much easier to install / setup and create.

4. Included Backup

Snapshot Dashboards are backed up to the Plus Software Cloud Server so they can never be lost as a result of a system crash, HD failure, or virus.

To explain further, once a system crash has been rectified (i.e. the Business System is up and running again) the Customer only needs to re-connect Snapshot, and all Dashboards (Community and Custom) will reappear.