Once the Cash Manager Getting Started Guided Learning  is complete, the next step is the Cash Manager Intermediate Training.

This Intermediate Training covers the Budget and Cash Flow sections in much more depth.

The format of training is the same as the Getting Started . Do It Yourself (DIY) training, at your own pace and once you’re comfortable, why not complete the optional Gold Certification?

Start your Cash Manager Intermediate Training now:

  1. Review Getting Started Guide 2 in detail. If you don’t have that yet, go here
  2. Set up Account Groups.
  3. Add in GST/VAT, WAGES and PAYG/PAYE (depending on your country) into the 30 days Set up.
  4. Set up 3 more What If Budgets with varying income and expenses.
  5. Set up a Long Term (12 month or more) Cash Flow.
  6. Set up a 30-day Cashflow.

Remember, you can use Support@PlusSoftSolutions.com for any questions regarding the Cash Manager software and certification, AT ANY TIME!

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