Completing the Partner Cash Manager Gold Certification

Once you’ve run through the Cash Manager Getting Started Training Guide 2, you’re ready to be certified.

This is easy to do, in a few steps:

  1. Complete the exercise below (on your desktop version of Cash Manager);
  2. Do this by recording the exercise (see How to Certify, below);
  3. Once complete, email us your outcomes.


Gold Certification Exercises

  1. Show how to get to Supplier Info and where to update Supplier Aging;
  2. Show how to do a Budget Comparison across two of the three Budgets you set up in your Intermediate Training;
  3. Point out where you can create a Budget using the actuals within the Accounting;
  4. In the 30 Days Cash Flow (under settings) include all Filters for Cash Flow but exclude Creditor Open Purchase Orders;
  5. When viewing the 30-Day Cash Flow Forecast, point out the end of day Cash Balance, on three separate days;
  6. Customise one or two Charts.

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