TimePlus Silver Certification is relatively easy once you’ve completed the basic set up of a TimePlus site.

See the TimePlus Getting Started Outline document or apply for this document from peter.whalley@PlusSoftSolutions.com

Before continuing, read How to Certify so you can prepare your screen capture software.

Section 1: General

1. Process any two (2) Employee time capture transactions across any three (3) of the time capture options within TimePlus:

a. Before you process, ensure all time capture options are visible to every employee, for the first two options you choose.

b. Your 3rd time capture option needs to be the Full Entry option:

c. Ensure this is the only time capture option visible to employees, unlike (a) above.

d. Make all Timesheet Lines and Job functionality available to the User.

2. Show how to change one of the employee timesheets before Approving into Sybiz Vision.

3. Show the Posted Timesheet in Sybiz Vision.

4. Check Daily Overview and view the Hours Worked

Section 2: Sales and Support Knowledge (PARTNER SECTION ONLY)

1. Write an email (less than 7 lines) introducing an imaginary prospect to TimePlus:

  • Offer 3 reasons you think TimePlus will help them.
  • Offer an estimated number of hours you believe the prospect could save in time capture/approval and processing into Accounting/Payroll or both.
  • Offer them a choice of two dates and times for the following week, with Plus Software in attendance, if TimePlus is of interest.
  • Save as a Template.

2. Show TimePlus pricing on the Plus Software Solutions website. https://www.plussoftsolutions.com/

3. View the following on the Plus Software Site:

  • TimePlus FAQ’s.
  • Knowledge Base (Help Desk) on the Plus Software Solutions Website.
  • Browse through the TimePlus Knowledge Base (KB) articles. There are not many KB articles, but it’s worthwhile being aware of the Knowledge Base.

How to Certify for Section 2

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